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Celebrity Nose Jobs Doctors. She regrets going under the knife as she went in a celebrity but came out a stranger. The hole singer has been open about plastic surgery for years, and her nose job is no exception.

Celebrity Nose Jobs Rhinoplasty for Celebrities
Celebrity Nose Jobs Rhinoplasty for Celebrities from

Diaz had her nose broken multiple times early on in her acting career, and she had a deviated septum. One reason celebrities get nose jobs is because the nose is the most prominent facial feature, and therefore affects the overall appearance of the face. If you look at her photos and compare one to another, you might see the traces of nose job, for there was a significant transformation on it.her nose used to have a bulbous tip and look ed wider, but years later it has a smaller tip and looks narrower.

Celebrity Nose Jobs Rhinoplasty for Celebrities

Her story is a reminder of how even the slightest tweaks can have a dramatic effect. But like many celebrities, she also denies having it. It is the protrusion that demands the most attention, and it characterizes many celebrities with its signature structure. Nose jobs, also known as rhinoplasty, are extremely popular among celebrities.